Wave Goodbye to Your Wedding Hair Worries

Are you a tad nervous about your wedding day hairdo? It’s only natural… After all, you want to feel and look your best on what will be one of the most important days of your life.

But what if those nerves overwhelm you? What if the wedding hair style you’ve chosen doesn’t really suit you? What if your accessory falls out? What if … what if … what if.

Before you know it, all those whatifs  build up, making you flustered and panicky. How can you wave goodbye to all those wedding hair worries?

Plan and relax

One of the loveliest parts of my job as a mobile hairstylist in Stafford is that I sprinkle brides with calmness. Once I arrive at your home, you have my undivided attention. We’ll have a long chat about your hairstyle ideas, your dress and wedding.

As well as trying out different looks, I’ll give you all sorts of advice based on your current hair length and style. Even if you are not sure, we’ll redo your wedding style until you are.

And because I only do one wedding hair consultation a day, there’s no time restriction. Just a complete one-to-one service, where we spend as long as it takes to get the look you love!

So you see; it’s easier to wave goodbye to those pesky worries than you thought…

Spring time discount

Here’s a lovely offer to get you in the mood for a romantic wedding. With every Gold Bridal package booked, you can now have a bridesmaids trial for free. Simply get in touch…

I’m already taking bookings for wedding hairstyling in 2018, so drop me a line whenever you’re ready.


Why pick me as your bridal hair stylist?

Our hair is so personal, isn’t it? It is especially important to us girls on our wedding day to look every inch the most beautiful bride. Knowing that all eyes are on you, though, can cause brides-to-be to worry about choosing the right hair style.

Where do you start? For some women, the thought of sitting in a hairdressers surrounded by constant noise and endless chatter is off-putting. It can feel so impersonal too.

That’s why – when I qualified as a Staffordshire wedding stylist over a decade ago – I chose to specialise in mobile hairdressing. And have loved it ever since…

What difference does a mobile hairstylist make?

Perfecting that special once-in-a-life-time hairstyle needs time and patience. Instead of working in a salon where hairdressers are always under pressure to get to the next client, I offer private home consultations. And because I only take one wedding party booking a day, you have all the time in the world…

During your consultation, we take whatever time you need to perfect the look you want. You can trial different ideas and effects – all without unwanted eyes on you as is often the case in a salon appointment.

And you needn’t worry if your hair is a shorter bob or shoulder length long. You can have a glamorous, classic updo without extensions.

Want to know how you can book a bridal hair trial?

That personal attention has made all the difference to the many brides in Stafford I’ve worked with over the years… There’s been nothing more moving than seeing a happy bride-to-be looking just lovely…

If you, too, like the idea of discovering your perfect bridal hair in a calm, relaxed setting, please drop me – Lindsay – a line for a friendly chat.