How to get stress-free wedding day hair

Even the calmest bride-to-be can crack under the pressure of getting everything in place before the big day. Finding the right wedding stylist and hairstyle to suit you is often something us girls panic about.

Since I’ve specialised in mobile bridal hair across Cheshire, Stafford and Derbyshire – to name but a few areas – I’ve seen at first hand what sort of problems we women have trying to squeeze everything into busy schedules.

If you work 9-6, there’s no opportunity to book a hair appointment without you taking time off, or getting an appointment in a busy salon on a Saturday. Given that time is restricted, many women can feel rushed into a decision at the hairdressers as it’s such a palaver to arrange another appointment.

Many brides, too, have child care commitments, or simply feel self-conscious in a busy salon. What’s the answer?

The stress-free way to beautiful bridal hair

Imagine a home hair stylist who CAN see you weekends, evenings or during the day when you’re not rushed off your feet. Imagine a kind, patient hairdresser who doesn’t need to rush off to the next appointment – leaving you in the lurch.

Imagine having a hair mock up consultation in the privacy of your own home, where you can trial different styles and see what works for you.

Even if you haven’t a clue what style would suit you, I can help find the perfect look to complement your face shape, hair type and dress choice. All without you needing to leave the house!

Get your ‘Free bridesmaid hair’ offer

If you’re interested in snapping up my popular ‘free bridesmaid hair’ offer when you book a Platinum package or above, please call.

Since I travel across the Midlands and Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, I can visit your home with ease too.

Thanks everyone.



Why a pre-wedding hair trial is a must!

With so much to organise for your wedding – from the dress and venue to bridesmaids and catering – the last thing you need to worry about is your hair!

Yet so many brides-to-be do just that. This is why it makes such a difference to have a mock up of your hairstyle well before your big day. An informal trial giving you the chance to explore different options.

Besides which, a hairstyle is such a personal thing. It’s vital to feel comfortable on your special day, to relax and enjoy it rather than be self-conscious.

A consultation well beforehand means your hair stylist can test out different styles. Especially ideal if you bring your wedding dress and accessories along.

Different wedding dress styles, for instance,  have different necklines. If you’ve opted for the understated elegance of a column dress, tumbling boho curls, pretty plaits or a classy vertical roll can look stunning.

With more traditional wedding gowns, a classic updo can look simply beautiful , or a half updo with loose curls. Perfect!

Your face shape, too, can determine which hairstyle would suit you best. All of these considerations are taken into account at the mock trial, giving you time to make the right choice for you.

Get money off your next hairstyle

If you know anyone who is getting married in the Staffordshire area, and you recommend my mobile hair service for brides, I’d love to send you a thank you gift. Once a confirmed booking is made, I’ll send you a £10 credit to spend on any hair service of your choice. (valid for three months)

Please just email or phone me to let me know!