Floral wedding hair … what’s not to love?

What could be more elegant and natural than adorning your hair with the loveliest flowers? Beautiful any time of year, flowers are especially stunning incorporated into a spring or summer wedding hairstyle.

Popular bridal hair designs this year feature the beautifully elegant and yet understated gypsophila. These gorgeous little white flowers are so versatile: they can be woven into messy up-dos, or can compliment a flowing Boho look , or  – for the height of sophistication – subtly wound into a fishtail plait.

Many of my bride-to-be clients often ask for fresh flowers rather than traditional tiara and veil for a summer wedding to coordinate their hair with their beautiful bouquet. So what could be more classically beautiful than roses?

Awash with love and romance, the elegant rose is the prettiest accompaniment. When combined with gyp in the hair, and matched with rose buttonholes and the bridal bouquet, a floral wedding theme is the perfect summer choice.

It certainly looks like last year’s boho summer wedding theme is here to stay!

Fancy a free bridesmaids trial?

Although I’m based in Staffordshire, I’m a mobile bridal hairstylist. That means I can come to you whether you’re in Cheshire, Stafford or The Midlands, or Derbyshire, Shrewsbury or Manchester.

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Hope you have a wonderful summer!


Wave Goodbye to Your Wedding Hair Worries

Are you a tad nervous about your wedding day hairdo? It’s only natural… After all, you want to feel and look your best on what will be one of the most important days of your life.

But what if those nerves overwhelm you? What if the wedding hair style you’ve chosen doesn’t really suit you? What if your accessory falls out? What if … what if … what if.

Before you know it, all those whatifs  build up, making you flustered and panicky. How can you wave goodbye to all those wedding hair worries?

Plan and relax

One of the loveliest parts of my job as a mobile hairstylist in Stafford is that I sprinkle brides with calmness. Once I arrive at your home, you have my undivided attention. We’ll have a long chat about your hairstyle ideas, your dress and wedding.

As well as trying out different looks, I’ll give you all sorts of advice based on your current hair length and style. Even if you are not sure, we’ll redo your wedding style until you are.

And because I only do one wedding hair consultation a day, there’s no time restriction. Just a complete one-to-one service, where we spend as long as it takes to get the look you love!

So you see; it’s easier to wave goodbye to those pesky worries than you thought…

Spring time discount

Here’s a lovely offer to get you in the mood for a romantic wedding. With every Gold Bridal package booked, you can now have a bridesmaids trial for free. Simply get in touch…

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Why pick me as your bridal hair stylist?

Our hair is so personal, isn’t it? It is especially important to us girls on our wedding day to look every inch the most beautiful bride. Knowing that all eyes are on you, though, can cause brides-to-be to worry about choosing the right hair style.

Where do you start? For some women, the thought of sitting in a hairdressers surrounded by constant noise and endless chatter is off-putting. It can feel so impersonal too.

That’s why – when I qualified as a Staffordshire wedding stylist over a decade ago – I chose to specialise in mobile hairdressing. And have loved it ever since…

What difference does a mobile hairstylist make?

Perfecting that special once-in-a-life-time hairstyle needs time and patience. Instead of working in a salon where hairdressers are always under pressure to get to the next client, I offer private home consultations. And because I only take one wedding party booking a day, you have all the time in the world…

During your consultation, we take whatever time you need to perfect the look you want. You can trial different ideas and effects – all without unwanted eyes on you as is often the case in a salon appointment.

And you needn’t worry if your hair is a shorter bob or shoulder length long. You can have a glamorous, classic updo without extensions.

Want to know how you can book a bridal hair trial?

That personal attention has made all the difference to the many brides in Stafford I’ve worked with over the years… There’s been nothing more moving than seeing a happy bride-to-be looking just lovely…

If you, too, like the idea of discovering your perfect bridal hair in a calm, relaxed setting, please drop me – Lindsay – a line for a friendly chat.


How do I pick the perfect wedding hair style for my face shape?

This is a question brides-to-be often wrestle with. You know the cameras will be on you. You know everyone will want to see the bride’s look! So you want to choose a style that suits your face shape and the occasion.

Many lovely brides, whose wedding hair I style here in Staffordshire, wait until they’ve chosen their dress before choosing a hairdo. That makes perfect sense as the dress style can make a huge difference…

With the big day approaching, panic can set in if you’ve not yet planned your hairstyle. Should I go for a classic updo, a half up half down style, a messy boho chic look or glamorous curls? Decisions decisions…

If you’re not sure what style will suit your features, here’s some advice:

  • Square face?  If you’ve a square shape, add softness. Curls and waves round the face rather than hair scraped back creates a feminine look. An updo can draw attention to a wider jawline. So balance everything out by opting for gorgeous texture to frame your face.
  • Oval face? Aim for width to keep everything in proportion. Sleek, long styles don’t work so well as they accentuate the length of your face. Instead go for an upstyle which adds width around the face.
  • Round face? It’s essential to create texture around your features to elongate the face. A loose style with bounce, or a side swept fringe can look gorgeous!

Consult a local wedding hair specialist

If you’re unsure what style would suit you, or have a style in mind and want to try it out, a wedding hair consultation is just the ticket.

As a mobile bridal hair stylist in the Stafford area, you can experiment with some looks in the comfort of your own home. I’ll also give you the best advice, and suggestions to suit your face shape perfectly. Get in touch to find out more!

Perfect Hair For a Winter Wedding

Before long, winter will be here with all its magic. Except if you are planning a wonderful winter wedding, it’s worth taking a little extra care to make sure your locks look stunning.

Here’s some advice I share with my brides-to-be, getting married across Staffordshire, Shropshire or East Cheshire.

Use the right tools

Winter weather – plus central heating – can strip your hair of moisture, making it dry, frizzy and static. Should this happen to your hair, use different brushes and combs. For instance, a natural bristle brush and wide tooth wooden comb can work wonders!

Let the moisture back in

Conditioning your hair this time of year is a given. Especially important to nourish your lengths and ends, use a deep conditioning treatment containing natural plant oils to add gloss and strength back into your hair.

Opt for a glam updo

Winter weather has the potential to play havoc with hair. Why not go for a chic updo to ensure your hair stays put? Now is the perfect time to experiment with your hairstyling to see what suits you best. Arrange a wedding mockup trial well before your big day!

Add a touch of glitz

A winter wedding wouldn’t be the same without a touch of sparkle! While brides still love seasonal flowers in the hair, you also have the option of adding a finishing touch with a sparkly accessory. From diamante tiaras, clips and combs to jewelled hairbands, the choice is endless.

Will you be a winter bride in Staffordshire?

Hope all those tips help. In the meantime, if you need a mobile hairstylist to give your hair a glamorous, beautiful look, just get in touch.

What comes first? Wedding dress or hair?

For most of us, our wedding day is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. It’s a day of celebration, a day you’ll look back on for years to come. And a day when you want to look and feel your best!

Because your big day matters so much, you want everything to be perfect. That’s why brides often deliberate over their dress, then worry about what hairstyle to have…

First, stop worrying. Getting married is exciting, romantic, wonderful. Try on different dress styles to find what suits your figure. You need to feel right in it… Worry not; you will know the one for you the moment you try it on.

As a bridal hair stylist in Staffordshire, I always recommend brides-to-be to match their hair to their gown, not the other way round. Whatever you you opt for – whether a classic look, floaty ethereal number, an elegant strapless dress, romantic flowing one or asymmetrical vintage gown – I advise what style would match best.

Of course, it depends on your hair length, thickness and current style too. But, in essence, I aim to complement your bridal style to your beautiful dress. A marriage made in heaven!

Best of all, because I’m a mobile hairdresser we can try out lots of different ideas in the comfort of your own home.

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Book any bridal hair package for you and three adults (minimum) and I’ll give you a 10% discount on the spot! Just imagine: you could have your bridesmaids and mum’s hair styled on the big day too so you all look gorgeous!

This offer – valid for 2016 – is only open on bookings made until April ’16. If you’ve a set date, do book early as I’m a popular bridal stylist in Stafford, Cheshire and the Midlands. Remember to book with reference no: BHLBLOG when you call!

Help! How do I prepare my wedding hair?

Wedding planning can be stressful sometimes with so much to think about. And since stress hormones affect your hair’s condition, it’s important to keep your lovely locks in the best possible shape.

All of my lovely brides-to-be over the years seem to worry about the same hair issues. So here they are, with my advice on how to plan ahead for wonderful wedding day hair.

When should I get a trim?

Avoid a drastic restyle before your special day, especially if you’ve already had a wedding hair consultation.  Plus, a new style can take a while to settle down. Instead, opt for a trim two to four weeks beforehand.

My hair is so dry. What can  I do?

Don’t worry… On top of a trim to remove those straggly ends, why not treat yourself to a course of vitamin/Keratin conditioning treatments? Ideal if you want to nourish your hair so it looks and feels healthier and shinier.

Use salon quality products too to care for your hair every day. Plus eat fresh veg, fruit and vitamin enriched foods to keep your hair, skin and nails glowing.

Argh – my roots are showing!

The last thing you want on your wedding day. Essential, then, to time it exactly so your hair is still fresh and gorgeous.

Ideally, a colour or highlights two weeks before the big day gives your tresses a chance to settle after the chemicals have worked their magic.

Need advice or wedding hair styling ideas?

As I’m a professional mobile hairdresser in the heart of Staffordshire, I can pop along to see you whenever it suits you. We can sort out any hair worries you have together. Just email or call me.