My Service

I specialise in wedding and bridal hair and have a variety of styles available to suit different face shapes, hair types, individual preferences and bridal themes (for examples see my portfolio page). I also offer special occasion and prom hair styling and dressing (see my occasion and prom hair page).
I offer an initial consultation with the bride-to-be where I do a mockup/trial on the bride’s hair to ascertain what style suits her. Sometimes the bride will have an idea of the style she likes and a trial allows her to see if the style suits – if she decides it doesn’t quite suit I’ll suggest different variations. Often the bride will bring the wedding dress, or a picture of the wedding dress, so  I can sculpt the hair style that best flatters the dress/theme.


The latest trends at the moment seem to be Boho chic, which is a slightly messy look but incorporates soft loose curls and buns. Flowery head bands are more popular atm than the traditional tiaras and veils, although this does depend on the venue and style of the wedding.
The styles I offer vary from a full head of curls left down and dressed, to half up half down, basket weaving, rolls, plaits, pleats, more traditional neat vertical rolls to messy up do’s, there’s a style to suit everyone.


I  provide the grips, fasting, sprays and hair creams needed to achieve the desired look and have a selection of stunning hair pins & clips that can used and ordered (up 4wks before the wedding day) to give inspiration to you and your bridal party. I’m afraid I don’t provide hair extensions, added hair or hair ornamentation and accessories  but am more than happy to style with accessories provided by the bride and others in the bridal party.

Dos and don’ts…

Do wash your hair on the morning of the day before  your wedding day – if the hair is washed on the day it’s too soft and prevents lift, and volume and makes grips slip out!

Don’t  use styling products or sprays as this dulls the hair and I want to give your hair a lovely shine 🙂 You can dry in a bit of mousse at roots if your hair is fine, but nothing else please

Don’t straighten your hair as this prevents effective curling and removes natural volume.

My top tip…

Choose a style that suits your face.
Recommended Venues:

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