Are you a blonde or brunette bride-to-be?

Can hair colour really make THAT much of a difference to a bridal hairstyle? Incredibly, it can. Perhaps you’ve scoured Google looking for the perfect hairdo and picked a style hoping it would suit you – but then found it simply doesn’t work on you?

Whether you’re a fiery redhead, sassy blonde or beautiful brunette, it’s crucial to choose a ‘look’ which complements your hair colour, face and style. But as I often find in my career as a mobile wedding stylist, a dream look online doesn’t always match reality … at first.

Let me explain.. With blonde styles, specks of colour accentuate a specific hair design such as a plait. Whereas with darker hair, some of the stunning detail of the style can be lost as there isn’t enough light in the hair to draw attention to it.

Rather than feeling downhearted, the fab news is that ALL it takes to create your perfect wedding hairdo is a dollop of creativity combined with clever technique.

Gorgeous ideas for glorious wedding hair … whatever the colour

  1. If your hair is darker, it’s remarkable how some carefully placed diamanté pins and gorgeous gyp flowers can transform a dull updo into a wedding style that WOWs.
  2. Imagine a beautiful curl turned into a rose petal with the gleaming pin in its centre. Voila! A touch of ‘Lindsay’ magic…
  3. Search online for styles of your hair colour and type, so you start with a realistic picture from the off…

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Thanks everyone.


Perfect Hair For a Winter Wedding

Before long, winter will be here with all its magic. Except if you are planning a wonderful winter wedding, it’s worth taking a little extra care to make sure your locks look stunning.

Here’s some advice I share with my brides-to-be, getting married across Staffordshire, Shropshire or East Cheshire.

Use the right tools

Winter weather – plus central heating – can strip your hair of moisture, making it dry, frizzy and static. Should this happen to your hair, use different brushes and combs. For instance, a natural bristle brush and wide tooth wooden comb can work wonders!

Let the moisture back in

Conditioning your hair this time of year is a given. Especially important to nourish your lengths and ends, use a deep conditioning treatment containing natural plant oils to add gloss and strength back into your hair.

Opt for a glam updo

Winter weather has the potential to play havoc with hair. Why not go for a chic updo to ensure your hair stays put? Now is the perfect time to experiment with your hairstyling to see what suits you best. Arrange a wedding mockup trial well before your big day!

Add a touch of glitz

A winter wedding wouldn’t be the same without a touch of sparkle! While brides still love seasonal flowers in the hair, you also have the option of adding a finishing touch with a sparkly accessory. From diamante tiaras, clips and combs to jewelled hairbands, the choice is endless.

Will you be a winter bride in Staffordshire?

Hope all those tips help. In the meantime, if you need a mobile hairstylist to give your hair a glamorous, beautiful look, just get in touch.