How do I pick the perfect wedding hair style for my face shape?

This is a question brides-to-be often wrestle with. You know the cameras will be on you. You know everyone will want to see the bride’s look! So you want to choose a style that suits your face shape and the occasion.

Many lovely brides, whose wedding hair I style here in Staffordshire, wait until they’ve chosen their dress before choosing a hairdo. That makes perfect sense as the dress style can make a huge difference…

With the big day approaching, panic can set in if you’ve not yet planned your hairstyle. Should I go for a classic updo, a half up half down style, a messy boho chic look or glamorous curls? Decisions decisions…

If you’re not sure what style will suit your features, here’s some advice:

  • Square face?  If you’ve a square shape, add softness. Curls and waves round the face rather than hair scraped back creates a feminine look. An updo can draw attention to a wider jawline. So balance everything out by opting for gorgeous texture to frame your face.
  • Oval face? Aim for width to keep everything in proportion. Sleek, long styles don’t work so well as they accentuate the length of your face. Instead go for an upstyle which adds width around the face.
  • Round face? It’s essential to create texture around your features to elongate the face. A loose style with bounce, or a side swept fringe can look gorgeous!

Consult a local wedding hair specialist

If you’re unsure what style would suit you, or have a style in mind and want to try it out, a wedding hair consultation is just the ticket.

As a mobile bridal hair stylist in the Stafford area, you can experiment with some looks in the comfort of your own home. I’ll also give you the best advice, and suggestions to suit your face shape perfectly. Get in touch to find out more!


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