How to choose the perfect bridal hair for you

Hasn’t the warm spring sunshine been gorgeous? Aside from making us all feel better, it’s a reminder that the wedding season is hotting up in Staffordshire…

Many brides-to-be planning their big day are often run off their feet trying to get everything done in time. That’s why I love what I do as my clients can relax at home with a cuppa while we trial some hairstyles to suit.

As a mobile wedding hairstylist across Stafford, East Cheshire and East midlands, I’ve met many brides who worry about how they’ll look on the day. Will the dress be right? Will the hairstyle be me? Will I enjoy it after all the stress?

Worry not. Here are my top three tips to help you have the wedding day of your dreams

1. Be who you are

Don’t change your look drastically in time for your wedding day, or be someone who you are not. That’s why it helps to plan your hairstyle ahead by having a mock wedding hair consultation. Lovely opportunity to try out some creative ideas…

2. Check the neckline

If you’ve already bought your wedding gown, consider its neckline – as this is always the key part of the dress to match your hairstyle to. An up-do or half up-do can show off exquisite detailing perfectly.

3. Remember the location

Choose a hairstyle to fit the time of year and location. Some brides are whisked away to sunny shores… Idyllic? Yes, except wind and humidity can play havoc with a hairstyle. Another reason to trial your bridal hair with all your accessories – and well beforehand too.

Spring weddings offer 

My bridal packages start at just £120. If you quote code BL15, you can get an extra 10% off the package of your choice. Contact me today to find out more about all my competitive wedding hair packages.


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